FCR Profect One

Premium Quality Single Plate Reader System

The Fujifilm FCR Profect One is a single plate reader unit that features Dual Side IP Reading* technology and MFP** software for premium imaging applications.

The Fujifilm FCR Profect One is ideal:

  • For any environment where visualization of fine details is critical, such as extremity, paediatric work or mammography.
  • As an economic in room digital mammography solution where up to 45 18x24 cm mammography images can be processed per hour.


*Dual Side IP Reading

FUJIFILM's proprietary Dual Side IP reading technology enables precise image data extraction from both sides of the imaging plate, ensuring final images have a higher Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) and lower noise when compared to conventional single sided reading technology. Available on only 18x24cm and 24x30cm BD-M and IP Cass DS cassettes.

**MFP (Multi-objective Frequency Processing) Software

  • Selectively applies varying degrees of enhancement to each individual structure dependent on size.
  • Simultaneously improves visualisation of the skin edge and dense breast tissue.


For more information please contact our CR team via: fcr@fujifilm.com.au

At a Glance

  • Superior image quality with 20 pixel/mm sampling pitch by Fujifilm's revolutionary Dual-Side Reading Technology
  • Ideal for premium image applications such as mammography and pediatric imaging
  • Compact design FCR - footprint 0.48 m2, height 1.33 m

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