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Ideal for Any Clinical Environment

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FDR D-EVO™ is a portable flat panel detector (FPD) that introduces an intelligent alternative for analogue-to-digital conversions. With quick image availability and short cycle times, FDR D-EVO™ will improve efficiency and reduce patient waiting without compromising image quality, flexibility or reliability.

Currently Analogue or CR? Just plug and play. The FDR D-EVO™ easily slides into any existing bucky and can be used for tabletop exams, too. Since the bucky isn't altered, standard cassettes can still be used on demand.

Already have Fujifilm's CR?
FDR D-EVO™'s Console Advance connects to existing FCR and features a user interface consistent with Fujifilm's CR Console, making integration and training quick and easy. Additionally, images processed on other FCR devices can be combined seamlessly at FDR D-EVO™'s Console Advance within one exam screen, further simplifying workflow and maintaining consistency.

Already Using DR?
FDR D-EVO™ is a great complement to any DR room. It's ideal for cross-table lateral exams such as hips and decubitus views. It's also well-suited for unsteady patients who aren't able to stand from their wheelchairs, or stretcher patients who require critical images like AP chest or even extremity exams


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At just 2.8kg, FDR D-EVO™'s lightweight design allows faster positioning and reduced strain for technologists. FDR D-EVO™ is easy to carry, and because it has the same dimensions as a standard-sized cassette, it gives technologists maximum versatility in positioning.

Detachable Cord

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No batteries needed! FDR D-EVO™'s detachable cord offers ultra-fast image transmission, with consistent, stable power and network connectivity for uptime you can count on. FDR D-EVO™ provides maximum versatility for use with cross-table and gurney exams. FDR D-EVO™'s detachable cord simplifies installation and maintenance, and gives you the flexibility to interchange with additional detectors and upright and table devices.