Enterprise Tape 3592

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In today’s information age, enterprise-class data storage systems require the use of storage media that offer both high capacity and high reliability. Fujifilm 3592 Tape Cartridges for IBM 3592 TotalStorage® Enterprise Tape Drive Systems offer outstanding reliability and as the first product to feature our proprietary Nanocubic thin-coating technology for magnetic media, they offer a native capacity of 300GB (900GB with 3:1 data com-pression) and a native data transfer speed of 40MB per second (110MB per second with 3:1 data compression).

NANOCUBIC™ Technology

High-density digital recording requires an extremely thin recording layer. Nanocubic technology allows the production of nanometer-scale ultra-thin coatings (one nanometer = one billionth of a meter). In addition, nano-particle technology is employed to create magnetic needle-shaped metal particles and plate shaped barium-ferrite particles that are only a few tens of nanometers in size. High-molecular binder material and anodispesion technology are used to ensure uniform dispersion of the particles. Using Nanocubic Technology, it is now possible to create data cartridges that offer low noise, excellent storage characteristics and capacities in excess of one terabyte.

Ruggedly constructed cartridge shells

For maximum durability, cartridge shells are constructed of heavy gauge resin and internal components are specially designed to withstand heavy use. Five high tensile-strength screws are also used to secure the cartridge shell halves together.

High-precision servo system

Servo signals encoded directly on the tape ensure high-precision head tracking with timingbased servo systems. Fujifilm quality control assures outstanding signal quality and precision.